Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Reason Why The Internet Is Awesome

Behold! Hot Chicks with Douchebags!

It doesn't get any better when you do a Google search for something completely unrelated and stumble upon websites like those. Just think, not too long ago, you wouldn't be able to find something like that if you tried. Now, you can type in just about any term into Google and find a hilarious website within a couple pages of results. I mean, just look at the pictures of Peaches in the Hall of Scrote. I almost cried when I looked at those.

This also reminded me of The Hall of Douchebags that someone (Graham? Brad?) pointed me to quite a while ago.


-k said...

so what's the difference between the "douchebags" and the "hot chicks"? they look kind of the same to me. well, the latter have breasts instead of frosted hair, but aren't they kind of the female equivalent of "douchebags"? But then, I also realize that the site's author is a self-identified douche, so it might just be what he (and, obviously from the pictures, other douches) consider to be hot chicks.

While the Hall of Douchebags also appears to be authored by a douche, it really appears to be mocking "dorks" and not "douches". Some of the pictures are just of fat kids and people with mullets. definitely dorks.

and what was this "completely unrelated" search that yielded "Hot Chicks with Douchebags"? it couldn't be THAT unrelated.

Jessica said...

i just visited the comment section to add that i am also highly suspicious of the nature of the unrelated search . please post a screenshot of your browsing history for the past two weeks.

Monkey Mike said...

Dammit, people, wasn't it obvious that I was trying to gloss over that? I mean, I mentioned that it was unrelated about 7 times in one paragraph.

Fine, what I was searching for was "woman holding crossbow." Yes, that's right. I was looking for a picture of a woman holding a crossbow. Actually, I was looking for a specific picture of a woman holding a crossbow that I had seen before but forgotten where I had seen it. There. Is that any better or worse than what you were slanderously implying I was searching for?

If you put in those search terms into Google Image Search, and scroll through about 20-30 pages of results, you might run across a picture from HotChicksWithDouchebags.

I was unsuccessful in finding the image at that time, as you can see from that fact that I was scrolling through dozens of pages of results, and got sidetracked, as I said. Later, I remembered that it was on deviantart and found it. This is what I was looking for. Yep, that's it.

To answer the inevitable next question, I was looking for that picture because I think crossbows are cool. Ok? Does this surprise anybody, really?