Monday, January 19, 2009

NYT: Asimov's Foundation to Become a Movie

NYT Arts Beat:

"Fans of Isaac Asimov still haunted by the film adaptation of “I, Robot” will get their chance to wipe it from their memory banks: a movie version of Asimov’s “Foundation” novels is in the works, Variety reported. On Thursday, Columbia Pictures won a three-way auction for film rights to Asimov’s science-fiction epic, whose first volume concerns a mathematician put on trial after predicting the collapse of his civilization. Columbia, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, beat Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox for the rights..."


"...The studio plans to develop the film for Roland Emmerich, the director of the cataclysmic sci-fi movies “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh well, the movie is ruined already. I did have to smirk when rereading that first line again. "Fans of Isaac Asimov still haunted by the film adaptation of “I, Robot” will... likely be haunted soon by another shitty adaptation. Hooray!"


Mat said...

don't toy with me!

man, it would have been nice to see some asimov rendered properly onscreen

-k said...

it only said that Asimov fans would get "a chance" to wipe clear their memories of I, Robot...

The casting should be funny at least: Hari Seldon (I did have to look this up) played by Brendan Frasier?

Jessica said...

well you will be delighted to hear that the US military has developed a fleet of "predators" that were inspired by the book IRobot and not the movie. I heard that on NPR today...the colonel made that specific distinction.

Jessica said...

so the point is that fans of the Asimov book will get a chance to wipe the movie out of their minds WITH REALITY!

Mat said...

i still think that the most honest appearance of Foundation onscreen has been the holophonor in Futurama.

Also, lets see some more posts!!